General Information
General Information
TBA Suntra B.V is a Dutch company.
The Offices are located in Wormer and Beernem (ca. 10 km of Brugge).
It's a merger between a Dutch company called TBA Commerce B.V and a Belgian company Suntra Rice B.V.BA

TBA Commerce B.V was founded in 1988 and the owner was Michel Reijmers.
The company has been active in the import of long grain rice from South America.
The main customers were the established rice mills in Northern Europe.

Suntra Rice B.V.B.A was founded in 1996 by Jacques Traens.
The company has been active in the import of broken rice from various origins.
The company was specialised in supplying mainly industrial clients in the food, baby food and pet food industry.

On June the 1st 1998, TBA Commerce and Suntra Rice merged into TBA Suntra B.V.
All business is now done by TBA Suntra B.V

Today TBA Suntra B.V is specialised in the import and processing of broken rice from all possible origins, both European and non- European.

The Company owns 3 different operating plants:

  • TBA Suntra (UK) Ltd In Goole ( England)               
  •   Euro Rice Handling B.V.B.A in Schoten (Belgium)            
  • Euro Rice Flour B.V in Bruinisse (The Netherlands)
TBA Suntra U.K Ltd is geographically well               At Euro Rice Handling B.V.B.A, we provision our            Euro Rice Flour B.V is a rice flour mill located in
positioned in the port of Goole. In this                       facilities in Bruinisse and Goole. As this plant is             Bruinisse. It has a capacity of 4 Mtons/hour and 
            facility we also clean and colour sort broken           equipped with cleaning machines, graders and            supplies the food industry in Northern Europe with all
 rice, and operate a rice flour mill. It processes        colour sorting equipment, we clean and colour              types of rice flour and rice grits                               
broken rice, rice flour and rice grits for                      sort broken rice to the specifications                                                                                                                         
                                                                              the food industry in the U.K.                                          of the customer throughout Europe


Summarised, we supply all different grades of broken rice, rice
flour and rice grits. The bulk of our clients are situated in the food
(rice flour, breakfast cereals, snacks, starch,...), baby food and pet
food industry. Our clients are geographically located in the U.K., France,
Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland,
Poland, Czech Republic and the Baltic States.

Our annual turnover quantity is ca. 120 .000 Mtons,
representing around 20 to 25% of the total quantity fo broken
rice traded within the E.U.

                                            Holland:                                                                                        Belgium:

                                                     P.O Box 109                                                                                Parkstraat 104
                                                     1520 AC Wormerveer.                                                                 8730 Beernem
                                                                    Phone: +31 75 647 12 30                                                             Phone: +32 50 79 29 79
                                                                Fax: +31 75 647 12 07                                                                 Fax: +32 50 79 29 80
                                                                      E-mail:                                                              E -mail: